Fund for Racial Equity

Baobá Fund is the first fund dedicated exclusively to the promotion of racial equity for the Black community in Brazil.


Who are we?

Founded in February 2011, the Baobá Fund is a non-profit association whose main goal is to
mobilize individuals and financial resources aiming at supporting pro-racial equity projects in
different areas and subjects. The Baobá Fund also wants to foster the growth of a social
justice philanthropy in Brazil that is efficient, reliable and ethical.

What we do?

Our challenge

Establishing the largest Endowment for the promotion of racial equity outside of the United
States, where this type of philanthropic activity is commonplace. Trough its endowment, the
Baoba Fund will support black organizations whose mission is to promote the full inclusion of
people of African descent in having access to economic, social and human development.
The resources will be raised through corporations, philanthropic foundations as well as

Our partnership journey

Baobá Fund and potential donor get together in order to identify opportunities and synergies
The parties define the investment focus (thematic area and territory), timetable and values (including operational cost).
Baobá Fund presents the project for possible partners assessment. once it is approved in partnership, the partnership funding contract is signed.
Baobá Fund and donor decide on the details of the call for proposals (deadlines, criteria, selection stages and formalization with selected beneficiaries.
Baobá Fund and donor formulate communication strategies (publicization and mobilization).
Selected beneficiaries implement projects and provide accounting (narrative and financial reports). Baobá Fund develops continuing monitoring interventions with selected beneficiary projects.
Baobá Fund analyses reports, funds and supervises external evaluation, elaborating reports for donors, publicizing outcomes, lessons learned and good practices.

How to contribute?

There are five ways to get involved with the Baobá Fund.

Who believes